WITS Business School

Wits Business School has been involved in management education since 1968 and many of the school’s graduates hold senior management positions in local and international business and in government.

The school offers a wide array of executive programmes ranging from a Senior Executive Programme run in partnership with Harvard Business School, to several short courses in topical areas.

The Wits MBA programme is offered on a three year part-time basis, a one year full time basis and in modular form in Mauritius, and is consistently ranked the top MBA programme offered in South Africa. The post-graduate diploma in management is a popular alternative to an honours degree for Humanities, Science and Commerce graduates, who lack the required business experience for an MBA. The school is a member of GMAC and of the Programme in International Management (PIM) which facilitates faculty and student exchanges at any of 39 leading international business schools.

The Donald Gordon Foundation has actively supported WBS in several major areas. In 1992 a generous contribution (from the Liberty Foundation) enabled the University to found the school for Public and Development Management, housed in the Donald Gordon Building. The two schools of management share a library, auditorium and other facilities.

The Donald Gordon Fellowship has enabled WBS to provide attractive short-term visiting opportunities to professors from leading international business schools. Typically the Fellowship if offered on a one year basis in a discipline considered to be important by the school. The Fellowships have promoted teaching and research in the areas of International Business, Entrepreneurship and Banking, as well as providing a mechanism for establishing strong partnerships with faculty from other Business Schools.